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Jun 21

TODAY’S WAKE UP ANTHEM: Said The Whale - I Love You

by, Keith Dakin / 6.20.13

Straight out of Canada, sounds sorta like the Knack, and sounds definitely awesome. @saidthewhale wakes you up

Caption This - Fish Kid

Caption This - Fish Kid

Jun 20

TODAY’S WAKE UP ANTHEM: Vance Joy - Riptide

Today we wake up with a fun pop song from @vancejoy with a great video and a summerish vibe.

Caption This - Beachside Walmart

Caption This - Beachside Walmart

Jun 19

CT Cops Cracking Down On Distracted Driving. In A Word? Good.


written by, Big Jim / 6.19.13

Guess what, all you selfish dicks who text, make phone calls, stuff your face, shave and maybe even pluck your eyebrows while you’re supposed to be driving?

Your pockets are about to get lighter.

Thanks to a new state program that was unveiled today, drivers in the Danbury area will soon face an increased risk of being ticketed for distracted driving. The program, similar to previous crackdowns on intoxicated operators, will use federal money funneled through the state Department of Transportation to pay overtime costs for police officers who will target distracted drivers. In other words, all of you selfish assholes who endanger the rest of us while driving, just so you can comment on your friend’s Instagram. “OMG! You look SO AMAZEBALLS!”

Danbury will receive $12,000 every three months for the effort, which will run through July 2014, while five other areas like Redding, Bethel, Monroe, Ridgefield and Brookfield will also get some money to do the same thing. 


This is hopefully just the beginning. 

Because if you text and drive, you might as well be a missile on the road, and you’re a selfish asshole if you keep up this practice. 

Whatever you’re trying to do. Texting, eating, making phone a call, taking your eyes off the road for anything like that, you deserve to be fined THOUSANDS of dollars. Actually, you don’t deserve just that, you should be put in prison. 

So, get ready. 

Starting tomorrow, cops will be looking for and issuing tickets to help convince all you 14 year old girls at heart who can’t get your eyes off of your goddamn iPhone to put it the hell back in your pocket while you’re behind the wheel. 

Fines for texting behind the wheel are $125 for the first offense, $250 for the second and $400 for each subsequent violation.

Here’s to hoping that you’re penniless if you keep up this behavior. 

photo credit: (c) iStockphoto/Thinkstock

NEW EMINEM! He’s still making music? 

What do you think?

Just came across this video of Nirvana’s entire set when they played The Moon in New Haven back in 1991. 

So crazy to watch.

The Moon
New Haven, CT

Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam 
Here She Comes Now 
Drain You 
Floyd The Barber 
About A Girl 
Love Buzz* 
Smells Like Teen Spirit 


- Begley


#connecticut #dunkindonuts #mymorningmugchoice

Indeed we do. 


#connecticut #dunkindonuts #mymorningmugchoice

Indeed we do. 

(via moonshadowsandwildflowers-deact)

Here it is! The first official full trailer for Anchorman 2.

Stay classy, Connecticut.

Oh good, more than 400 state and locally maintained bridges in CT are “structurally deficient”


It’s pretty safe to say that most people, when driving over any type of bridge, all have the same thought pass through their head at some point. Some variation of “Please don’t fall… please don’t fall…” or “I hope this thing was built right”. Most of the time it’s just a common nonsense fear and everything ends up fine and most bridges are built to last. 

Unless of course, you live here in Connecticut. Where those thoughts could be worth having. An analysis by Transportation of America has showed that 407 bridges that are managed locally and by the state are “structurally deficient”. 102 of those bridges are in Fairfield County. 

Well that doesn’t make you feel too great now does it. 

This Greenwich Time article has a widget where you can actually see the location of each bridge that is iffy, You should probaly pull that up next time you’re about to head over one of Connecticut’s many death bridges.

Safe travels!

Read more here.

photo: Photo: Lindsay Perry/CTPost

Hope You Don’t Drive A Jeep…

Bad news for Chrysler and Jeep owners. The auto maker is being forced to recall 2.7 million different Jeeps after the models were found to be unsafe and involved in too many deadly accidents.

The models in question tend to light on fire after being involved in a rear-end crash. Not fun.

While the National Highway Traffic Safety Association originally wanted a greater number of cars recalled Chrysler was able to convince the group that their data only applied to a smaller number of cars.

The cars that will be recalled are 1993 - 1998 Grand Cherokee’s and 2002-2007 Jeep Liberties.

Good times.

Read more here.

photo: Chrysler


written by, Keith Dakin / 6.19.13

I’m thinking of an easy wake-up today from @lordemusic. Mellow. Pretty. Relaxing.

Caption This - Iron Man’s Secret

Caption This - Iron Man’s Secret

Jun 18


written by, Pam / 6.18.13

Yes, Yes, ALL OF THIS!

Saturday June 22nd, Geronimo Tequila Bar and Southwest Grill in New Haven will be hosting their Annual Double Barrel Launch Party from 12-5pm. This open to the public party celebrates the grand arrival of the special barrel of Herradura Tequila that was handpicked by the Geronimo Team at the distillery in Amatitan, Mexico.

To choose the absolute perfect barrel that would bear the Geronimo name, Executive Chef Tim Scott traveled along with owners Rob Bolduc and Marc Knight to Casa Herradura to taste from different barrels (DREAM JOB). Each oak barrel is completely unique from one another, giving the tequila being aged inside its walls matchless characteristics, flavors and smokiness. The tequila chosen is bottled and adorned with a personalized Geronimo label in Mexico— then takes a careful journey to New Haven. This unique program is called the “Double Barrel Program” and Geronimo is the exclusive tequila bar in Connecticut and one of only a few in the States to participate.

So, let’s get back to the party details!!

It’s this Saturday, June 22. 12-5pm

Free tee shirts and free handmade terracotta tequila tasting cups—don’t drop it!

Pig roast with “street style” tacos being made from the roast—only $2 each!!! I’ll eat a million.

Your tasting cups will come in handy as free samples of their special Herradura Tequila will be poured. Along with the bar (which is nice and spacious) there will be several cocktail stations positioned throughout Geronimo so you’re able to try something new and fun every turn you make.

They have a great covered patio too—so whatever the weather, you’ll be lovin it!

Take pictures with Cuco the Donkey. So cute! Makes for a great profile pic.

I’ll personally be there from 3-5pm—come say HI and enter to win a VIP Tequila Dinner for you and a guest with owner of Clase Azul Tequila in August at Geronimo. Tickets are $100 each!

Geronimo Tequila Bar and Southwest Grill

271 Crown Street New Haven





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